Multi-Scale 2D Temporal Adjacent Networks for Moment Localization with Natural Language

Rank #1 in HACS Temporal Action Localization Challenge

AutoFormerV2: Searching the Search Space of Vision Transformer

Minghao Chen, Kan Wu, Bolin Ni, Houwen Peng*, Bei Liu, Jianlong Fu, Hongyang Chao, Haibin Ling
NeurIPS 2021 / Paper / Code (Coming soon)

Probing Inter-modality: Visual Parsing with Self-Attention for Vision-and-Language Pre-training

Hongwei Xue, Yupan Huang, Bei Liu, Houwen Peng, Jianlong Fu, Houqiang Li, Jiebo Luo
NeurIPS 2021 / Paper / Coming soon

Learning to Track Objects from Unlabled Videos

Jilai Zheng, Chao Ma, Houwen Peng, Xiaokang Yang

Rethinking and Improving Relative Position Encoding for Vision Transformer

Kan Wu, Houwen Peng*, Minghao Chen, Jianlong Fu, Hongyang Chao

AutoFormer: Searching Transformers for Visual Recognition

Minghao Chen, Houwen Peng*, Jianlong Fu, Haibin Ling

Learning Spatio-Temporal Transformer for Visual Tracking

Bin Yan, Houwen Peng*, Jianlong Fu, Dong Wang, Huchuan Lu
Rank #1 in VOT-2021 Challenge RGB-D Track

LightTrack: Finding Lightweight Neural Networks for Object Tracking via One-Shot Architecture Search

Bin Yan, Houwen Peng, Kan Wu, Dong Wang, Jianlong Fu, Huchuan Lu

One-Shot Neural Ensemble Architecture Search by Diversity-Guided Search Space Shrinking

Minghao Chen, Jianlong Fu, Haibin Ling

Cream of the Crop: Distilling Prioritized Paths For One-Shot Neural Architecture Search

Houwen Peng, Hao Du, Hongyuan Yu, Qi Li, Jing Liao, Jianlong Fu

Cyclic Differentiable Architecture Search

Ocean: Object-aware Anchor-free Tracking

Rank #2 in VOT-2020 Challenge Short-term and Real-Time Tracks

A Transductive Approach for Semi-Supervised Video Object Segmentation

Learning 2D Temporal Localization Networks for Moment Localization with Natural Language

Rank #1 in HACS Temporal Action Localization Challenge

Deeper and Wider Siamese Networks for Real-time Visual Tracking

Zhipeng Zhang, Houwen Peng*
Rank #1 in VOT-2019 Challenge RGB-D Track

AI Coach: Deep Human Pose Estimation and Analysis for Personalized Athletic Training Assistance

Multi-view Multi-instance Learning based on Joint Sparse Representation and Multi-view Dictionary Learning

Illumination Estimation based on Bilayer Sparse Coding

Salient Object Detection via Structured Matrix Decomposition

Predicting Image Memorability by Multi-view Adaptive Regression

RGBD Salient Object Detection: A Benchmark and Algorithms

Salient Object Detection via Low-rank and Structured Sparse Matrix Decomposition

Awards and Honors


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  • Area Chair / Senior PC for
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